Over the years lots has been done to tackle the event tent waste crisis...

The Story so Far…

A Greener Festival
Lets make events greener

Not-for-profit company launches; committed to helping events, festivals and venues around the world to become more sustainable and to reduce environmental impacts...

A Greener Award
Certification and encouragement

AGF launch an awards ceremony for festivals to see the reward. They provide the first and only sustainable event certification...

AIF Begin Report
A look into sustainability

The Association of Independent Festivals begins their ten year report for festivals on topics ranging from business rates to single use plastics...

Powerful Thinking
Tackling energy-related issues at festivals

Not-for-profit to provide a forum to support research, explore issues and develop solutions. Developed free-to-use resources which support festivals to reduce their environmental impacts...

Camplight UK
Upcycle and reuse

Kieran starts Camplight UK. The aim was simple, collect leftover festival tents to be cleaned, repaired, and repackaged, and then offer them to festival goers at a pre-pitch campsite...

Ethical Festival Ltd
One of the first

Dean Betts sets up Ethical Festival to salvage leftover tents to be sold second hand, the beginnings of reusing rather binning...

The Show Must Go On Report
COP 21 climate agenda influences events

Powerful Thinking, with significant support from Julie’s Bicycle, Festival Republic, Kambe Events and Plaster PR, release a report demanding festivals to take more immediate action...

Sustainability solutions through research

Amanda Campbell and James Molkenthin secure funding and awards for Comp-A-Tent; providing Amanda the platform to be a main player in the  field of festival sustainability...

Camplight Uk Grows
Cleared Campsite
1000 tents for Corporate Gigs

By 2017, Kieran's Camplight UK has grown to the point of being able to provide over one thousand tents at events. But it was beginning to become clear that more needed to be done...

AIF Ten Year Report
Highlighting tent waste

Discarded tents are labelled as a  big problem at festivals - nearly 10% of people who responded to AIF's survey reported they have abandoned a tent at a festival...

Festival Republic
Winning awards for sustainability

Receive the Outstanding Achievement Award at Julie's Bicycle Creative Green Awards in 2018. Reading and Leeds also scooped up the Best Festival award, investigating tent salvaging solutions...


Reading's Aftermath
10s of 1000s of tents left...

The press begin to pick up on the major issue of tent waste - reporting on the tens of thousands of tents left at Reading and Leeds festival...

Festovers Ltd
The first mass tent collection scheme...

Thomas Panton launches Festovers as a waste management company; the first company to be paid to collect hundreds of leftover tents, clearing over 85% of leftover tents from Truck Festival...

AIF - Take Your Tent Home
It becomes mainstream...

Paul Reed, CEO of Association of Independent Festivals, launches the "Take Your Tent Home" campaign, trying to encourage festivals goers to accept responsibility...

The UK's biggest gets involved

Love The Farm, Leave No Trace" was launched by Glastonbury to get attendees to pledge to take responsibility when they buy their ticket - proves to be successful...

A New Idea
pitched for you image
Something begins to brew

Whilst working on their respective campaigns and ventures, Kieran, Thomas and Amanda begin working on the final solution to the tent waste crisis...

Vision 2025
The report gets updated and festivals pledge

Powerful Thinking update the report; tent waste and waste management written by Amanda Campbell. Camplight included as case study. Events commit to the 2025 pledge...

The pandemic which floored the industry

Festivals took a hit, but it allowed them to reset, reassess, and prepare.  The solution would allow events to take place profitably again, but would also solve a massive environmental issue...

Pitched For You
A Final Solution
We're here to help

With our innovative patent pending tent we are able to offer a service to events which allows events to be profitable, camping to be sustainable, and events to be safe.  Get in touch!

Our Solution …

No ‘single-use’ tents, no waste, no hassle!

The days of single-use and disposibility are over ... long live the circular economy!

Our Founders...

Kieran Director

Kieran van den Bosch – Director

After graduation from a manufacturing degree I read the Cradle to Cradle Design book and it formed the foundation of my ongoing study deeper into sustainable design and permaculture.  When work with Potatopak & Green Seal ceased I spent a couple of years working for an L.A. in recycling.  This is where I saw the mountains of rubbish humans create and concluded that circularity is the only genuine solution.  I returned to Somerset in 2009 and again witnessed the enormity of tent waste left at events.  So, in 2010 I founded TransitionResource.org and that led to Camplight.co.uk in 2012.   A regenerative tent salvaging and hiring project to make camping equipment a resource was ok,.. but it would never make a dent in the problem.  So in 2018 I decided to design waste out entirely, and develop the Pitched for You model.

James Molkenthin Sales Manager

James Molkenthin- Sales Director

An entrepreneur & sustainability advocate. I led Innovate UK research with Festival Republic looking at campsite waste at festivals in 2018.  This is when my passion for sustainability and expertise in driving team excellence really aligned with Pitched for You. This led to a partnership where we work together to define customer needs and develop winning quotations.   I have over a decade of leadership in product design and brand development which were put to good use in 2019 developing graphics for this website.  Since then I have continued to form relationships and contracts pushing  this business forwards.

I also work as a director on  PPL PWR to maintain connection with fostering community engagement and leading high-impact environmental initiatives.

Mikaela Administrator

Mikaela Jenman – Administrator

Since finishing a MSc in Sustainability in 2017 I started a small sustainable music event called Pando Festival. We promoted ‘a leave no trace policy’ and incorporated a circular economy approach to supply/waste streams, energy and logistics. This is when I met Kieran because we wanted to offer pre-pitched tents as part of the ticket and Camplight got involved.  I’m passionate about creating a sustainable world and see businesses can look after people and planet simultaneously. I have a multi-disciplinary skill set and have jumped on board with Pitched for You to help with admin and grant writing.  Having worked at numerous events and in many roles I can fully understand the event business from the ground up.  Waste being left at the end of events is a real problem and am excited about finding solutions to benefit the event industry. 

Andrew Design Director

Andrew Gowland – Design

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer that works primarily in architecture and Computer Aided design. Since 2015 I have become more involved in the events industry, initially as a VJ and DJ, eventually progressing to event organisation and stage management at festivals, culminating in designing a unique geodesic based structure for the Neverglade Stage at Sunrise Celebration 2019.

I have been a keen camper all my life, so when Kieran approached me to help him design a new tent for Pitched For You, I leapt at the opportunity.