Leading Innovation in Pre-Pitched Accommodation...

Pitched for You have patented a circular economy accommodation system designed especially for event camping.

Based upon 8 years of pitching tents and running campsites at events, we have spent the last 2 years developing this business model.

This tent will never ever be bought or sold by a customer, it will only ever be “Pitched for You”, again and again and forever generating revenue for our valued clients and presenting the opportunity to “accommodate everybody”

Our tent’s unique design means it can be deployed quickly, at scale and at a price comparable to the price of ‘single-use’ plastic tents found in shops.

Partnering events will be able to move away from event-goers bringing their own tents to a model where accommodation forms part of their ticket.

We have landed our initial B2B contracts and still have space to work with new clients in 2021

You Sell – We Service:

You collect all the funds ahead of your event, then tell us where, when and in what order you want the tents. 

We focus on pitching, servicing and clearing all the tents. Booking, customer service and campsite management is organised by our clients. Working together like this means that we can deliver quality camping experiences en mass.

Reliable Experienced Teams:

Over the last decade of providing accommodation at events we have built up a team of event professionals so if you want, we can offer a fully integrated booking platform, professional designers and event planners to work with you and develop your event campsite plans.

Event Ticket, Travel and Tent booked all in one place. Now all your guests Travel Light and Turn Up.