Pop Up Tents Pyramid Stage Glastonbury

We are a B2B pre-pitched tent supplier who specialise in large scale, pre-pitched camping accommodation for events

We deliver 2 or 4 person tents in any quantity, with single or double compartments at unbeatable speed. All our tents are quality built, with porches, fly screens and removable inner tents. Our 4 person tent is tall enough to stand in with the option of twin compartments.

No need for anyone to buy, carry, store, pitch or pack down a tent ever again.

The goal...

To accommodate the 4.9million who visit UK events each year in our Pre Pitched Tents.

The Circular Tent Accommodation System

Our tents will never ever be bought or sold, they will only ever be Pitched for You. This approach is the only way to prevent flooding the market with cheap disposable tents. This is why we are the only solution to prevent camp equipment waste.

Reclaim Profit from Cheap Tent Providers

Over £5,000,000 worth of camp equipment is left at event sites every year in the UK alone.  We bring this revenue back to our clients, so that they have more capital to supercharge their events.

Offer Event-Goers Ease, Quality and Security

Now every event goer can stay in a high quality, lockable tent that is pre-pitched and doesn’t have to be carried anywhere! This makes customer experience convenient and enjoyable.

Reduce the Environmental Footprint of your Event

We have designed campsite waste out of event accommodation. A pre-pitched solution also makes it easier for people to come by public transport, meaning less congestion, less car parks and far less CO2!

Need More Reasons?

Socially Distanced, Pre-Arranged Tents.

Design your campsites to meet the latest government guidelines.  Allocate each occupant, guard everyones details, know who stayed with who and makes track and trace easy.  

Increase your Camping Capacity.

Turn Car Parks into Campsites. Festival goers are 3x more likely to travel by public transport, than by car, when staying in pre-pitched tents*.

Offer the Highest Quality Tents.

We keep our tents so why would we design them any other way? Our tents are engineered for durability and user experience – Offer your guests the best, all you need to do is hire them.

Design the Safest Campsites.

Because each campsite is designed before hand with help from our design team we can plan in facilities, access routes, fire lanes and crowd control.

Reduce Your Clear up Costs.

Every tent we bring we will remove from your site very quickly so there will be no Camping Equipment left for you to clear afterwards.

The Vision:

Tents for Everyone.  We believe that low-quality, ‘disposable’ tents and the wastage they create will be a thing of the past, as event goers begin to wake up to the streamlined unbeatable value camping experience we provide. Why would anyone buy a cheap tent, when for less they can stay in an excellent one, pre-pitched and waiting for them?

“Thank you, Kieran and the rest of the team for all of you help and hard work during what was a successful delivery of Glastonbury ”

— Laurence Jones, Showforce